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Composta offers simple solutions so you can transition your home or business to be more sustainable.
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All you have to do is separate your organic waste from other trash-we'll take care of the rest. Our pickups are priced by weight, rewarding those who waste less food. Because your trash will be sold and transformed into nutrient-rich soil or biogas, we can charge a lower price than standard waste removal services. Why pay more for less?

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We supply bins, dumpsters, and compostable trash bags. We even have bags for dog waste!

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Waste for Sale

You can buy organic waste for your composting needs or for your biogas plant. Whether you are a small community garden or a commercial farmer, we have the best fertilizer for you.

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Sustainability should be easy.

With Composta, you can easily make the transition to go green.


We have put in countless hours researching so you don't have to. Just contact us by phone or email, and we will quickly find a solution for your organic waste. Separating compostable waste from other trash takes only seconds of extra time, but can save years from your carbon footprint.


We find a market for your organic waste. This allows us to provide our services at an inexpensive rate. Our pickups will keep the Earth green and keep your wallet green, too.


More and more businesses are making the transition to sustainabilty. That is a great thing, but takes training to teach employees methods like composting and generating biogas. All it takes is a few hours to educate employees how to separate waste into appropriate bins, and we'll take care of the rest.

Who We Are

Composta is a young company, but it is not only for young people. We know that slight changes to our daily lives can have strong impacts on the future. Food waste is a huge problem, especially in the US—a problem that is avoidable. Everyone knows the importance of recycling glass, plastic, and metal. Organic waste doesn't have to go to the landfill either! There are organisations that try to solve this problem, but our approach is through a business model.

Unfortunately, people sometimes think of the green in their wallets before the green on the planet. Composta provides financial incentives for businesses to get involved with composting. We work with community composting sites, farms, and biogas generators to turn your trash into treasure we all can enjoy: nutrient-rich soil for food suppliers and horticulturalists and clean energy from biogas. We also price pickup services based on weight to motivate our customers to waste less.

Composta creates jobs from truck drivers to providing innovators the means to creating a clean energy plant. We make it cheaper for businesses to dispose of their waste which increases the supply for rich, organic soil. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint while stimulating the economy and inspiring businesses to become more eco-conscious.


Whether you have inquiries about our services, are interested in buying organic waste and compost, or are just a fan of the cause, drop us a line!